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Nothing is Irredeemable Through Christ

This morning I made stupid mistake. I won’t say what did because I want you to be able to apply your own mistakes to what I’m writing about today. After I made my mistake, I panicked like crazy. While I was in the middle of it I realized what I had done and I couldn’t back up or get out of it. I was stuck.

Afterward, I cried out to God, “Why did I do that? ” and “How can I be so stupid?”  I pray for wisdom daily, but somehow I had managed to do something so idiotic and I couldn’t take it back. Then there was a pause in my heart. My panic subsided and God reminded me of one thing. Nothing is irredeemable through Christ. Immediately, I felt lead to share this my readers.


This post will a little more personal than my other posts. Over the past several months I have faced money issues. I think many of us have money problems these days. Unfortunately, I have made some bad work decisions that have left me relying on savings. I beat myself up all of the time for not choosing a better career or being able to listen to God more clearly.

All of this is nonsense, though. God is with us during every decision. The scripture is very clear that he’ll always provide for us. So, when you look at your bills and see you are spending more than you make, remember that your money problems are redeemable. Jesus said blessed were the poor and he’ll provide in ways that you can not imagine as long as you trust in him.


I don’t think there is something worse than feeling unloved. People don’t feel accepted everyday. Children grow up being ignored or abused by their parents. Students fight daily for approval from each other. Divorce runs rampant through our society.

I’m sure everyone has felt rejected or unloved at some point in time in their lives, but that is redeemable through Christ. Jesus sacrificed himself for you. He loved you so much that he didn’t just die, but suffered for you. When we are feeling unloved by others, Christ’s great act of love can be taken for granted. Always remember his love, though. It is the source of all redemption. In the end, Christ’s love for you is the most powerful force in the world.


One of the most painful things we can go through in this world is the death of a loved one. Questions of “why” burn through our hearts when we lose someone close to us. We cry and grieve, but God is always there. I mentioned Lazarus in my last post and during that story Jesus says, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;  and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.”

Though we may grieve when a loved one passes, we can take solace that death was conquered on the cross. It was redeemed and now everyone in the world has a chance at everlasting life. This world is broken because sin and death is a consequence of that sin, but we can bring our troubles and sorrows to Christ and he’ll redeem them.


This is my most impromptu post. I felt the need to share that I believe that God is going to redeem my mistakes and sins. He always has good things in store for us, but when we burden ourselves with guilt from bad decisions we hinder his ability to work in our lives.

This afternoon realized that sometimes God lets me make mistakes so he can redeem them and display his goodness. In Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Think of all the bad things in your life. Now think about how God is going to redeem them. Christ has an ultimate plan that we can always find rest in. Don’t be discouraged by the bad things in your life. Don’t be discouraged because you can see your mistakes and wish you had chosen differently. God is not surprised by your choices. He’s been there the entire time, ready to redeem those choices through his grace.

So, today is a reminder. Nothing is irredeemable through Christ.

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